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Integrated Metal Products (IMP) is a contract manufacturer of precision fabricated metal components.

Since 1987, we have supplied components and assemblies to a wide range of industries including:

button  Heavy Equipment/off road vehicles-fenders,
clutch plates, other parts
button  Military vehicles - power transmission and
body components
We are a certified member of the Controlled Goods Program
button  Tier 2 & 3 automotive and commercial truck parts
button  Electrical and electronics panels and enclosures
button  Specialized industrial fabrications and solutions

We have the proven expertise to make your product from initial design through to prototyping to full production.

State-of-the-art CNC equipment and software enables flexible manufacturing at the lowest cost consistent with good quality.

Our partnership with you is built on service:

»  If you need quick delivery, we will respond.
»  If your schedule changes, we will change ours.
What's New


Robotic Welding: Not Just for High Volume Production Anymore!

The productivity benefits of robotic welding have led to rapid growth in its use over the past decade. But widespread misconceptions about the complexity and cost of robotic welding have meant that most of this growth has been in high-volume production applications such as automotive manufacturing.
» More information and video

PerformArc PA350S Robotic Welding System

PerformArc PA350S
Robotic Welding System

A welding system with a proven record of quality, reliability and high productivity. » For more details